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Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Firas Bukai

Dr. Bukai DMD, FAGD, one of the America’s Top Dentists, graduated from prestigious Tufts University in Boston, MA in 1995. He completed advanced general practice training at Loyola University of Chicago in 1997 and then went into private practice. Dr. Bukai practices comprehensive oral care with tremendous clinical experience, but more importantly, he is passionate about listening carefully to each patient and offering the best in professional care.

What Makes Stylish Smile Unique

We provide the finest care for you and your family

Patient Focused


It’s all about you. We take the time to know you, listen to your needs and walk you through your custom treatment plan.


Cutting-Edge Technology

You’re getting the best there is. We continuously invest in the latest technologies, redefining dentistry as you know it.


Comprehensive Treatment

We value your time. That’s why we make sure to take care of your dental needs, no matter how big or small, in as few visits as possible.

What our patients are saying

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