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Goodbye To Excessive Tooth Wear Thanks To Dental Prostheses

Dental wear is an embarrassing problem that affects many people. And the excessive wear of the teeth causes even more problems in the mouth: pains, an important loss of aestheticism, grumbled smile or absent, difficulties to chew, and to eat. Although the causes of excessive wear of the teeth are various (friction, teeth overloaded, soft enamel, a mouth that closes badly, etc.), this disorder can be prevented and even corrected through denturological care.

Dental Prostheses

Indeed, various dental prostheses, including partial dentures on implants or crowns, can effectively address long-term problems of excessive wear of teeth. Whether this problem is important or not. Indeed, various dental prostheses, including partial dentures on implants or crowns, can effectively address long-term problems of excessive wear of teeth. Whether this problem is important or not.

This is good news that makes you want to smile.

Various dental prostheses to stop dental wear

Dentures provide reliable relief for dental wear problems. And they do it very well, regardless of the age of the person who is suffering from excessive wear of the teeth and the degree of wear.

This dental care offered by denturists corrects, in particular, these problems caused by the wear of the teeth of various degrees:

  • chewing pains
  • a mouth that closes badly (malocclusion)
  • worn teeth that have lost their shape
  • smile little or no aesthetic

Problems of dental wear, including excessive wear of teeth, can occur in people with missing teeth. Dental wear can also occur in people who have all their teeth.

Let’s take a closer look at how the dental prostheses proposed by your denturologist bring relief and aesthetics to more or less significant dental wear problems.

Partial, essential if some teeth are missing

The loss of one or a few teeth is not without consequences on the health of the mouth. The use of a partial denture under such conditions prevents and corrects many problems, including dental wear.

Indeed, the loss of one or a few teeth influences more or less quickly the shape of the jaw. Also, this loss of teeth causes greater pressure on the remaining teeth during chewing. It results in prematurely using the teeth still present. The addition of teeth by the partial denture recreates the balance of pressure on all teeth. Also, the partial denture can help reposition the jaws. Proper jaw position helps stop tooth wear and restore good chewing functions.

Also, partial dentures provide the desired aesthetic. The smile comes back, and the mouth is rebalanced!

The permanent benefits of implant dentures

Implant dentures are like real teeth. They have the appearance of natural teeth, and they allow the same functions like real teeth. Teeth worn to varying degrees can not provide strong chewing as doing complete teeth or dentures on implants.

Dental crowns to the rescue

Dental crowns can correct dental wear in people with all their teeth. These crowns are then affixed to the root of worn teeth, restoring aesthetics and good chewing ability. Also, the mouth is rebalanced and closes better, preventing malocclusion that may have also caused premature and excessive wear of teeth.

Your denturologist has several solutions to the problem of dental wear. Depending on the condition of your teeth, your needs, and your expectations, it suggests the best care for you.

Do not hesitate to consult it for this purpose. Dental wear can be corrected and stopped.


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