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Invisalign is a popular choice for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is an alternative to braces, and uses clean plastic aligners that are worn in a series over time to gently move teeth into place. Invisalign is extremely successful, and before you decide on what orthodontic treatment is right for you, definitely check out other options.

Keep in mind that Invisalign is a treatment that requires regular visits to your doctor to monitor your progress. Invisalign also allows you to work with your doctor to take impressions and ensure the proper fit. With many of the at-home alternatives, you are responsible for taking impressions and ordering your aligners.

Invisalign can also treat a larger scope of corrections, and some alternatives are limited to only certain corrections. Working directly with your doctor allows them to address any issues that may occur, as well as provide additional treatment if needed.

What Should I Consider When Searching for an Alternative to Invisalign?

  • Cost
  • Length of treatment
  • In-office monitoring versus at home
  • Diagnostic process

What Are Some Alternatives?


SmileDirectClub offers a similar treatment to Invisalign where the clear aligners are customized to fit your teeth. The difference is that this product is at-home treatment only with no office visits required. If you choose an option like this your treatment will tend to be less expensive. In addition, sometimes home aligners are not as effective especially for severe correction cases.

SmileDirectClub has SmileShops in various convenient locations, and this allows the customer to skip the impression kit. SmileDirectClub also offers a night time treatment, and provides various financing options. Similar to other at-home treatments SmileDirectClub has a limited scope of correction, and can only treat mild to moderate cases for crowding or spacing.


Byte is a new alternative to Invisalign and seems to be gaining popularity for home aligners. Their treatment delivery is fast, and Byte averages a three month treatment time. They are known for their quality customer service.

Byte also offers a lifetime guarantee, and will always provide aligners to you if your bite shifts. Byte offers financing as well as other payment plan options, and not only has their normal treatment, but also offers a night time treatment.


Candid is another alternative to Invisalign that is effective and high quality. This company offers at-home treatment with a remote monitoring service. Each patient is assigned to a remote orthodontist, and this helps to keep track of your progress. Typically Candid’s treatment plans take around 6 months and costs less than Invisalign. Their aligners are high quality and made similarly to the Invisalign aligners.

What Treatment Is Best for Me?

Choosing the best orthodontic treatment is important, and a patient must consider the benefits of an in-office treatment versus a treatment that is done completely at home. When patients choose our Invisalign treatment we provide guidance and regular monitoring during treatment. Our patients have the convenience of treatment at home, but also have regular contact with our doctors to monitor progress and catch any issues.

Choosing an at-home treatment does come with risk, and problems may arise during your treatment. If you don’t end up with the results you desire, you may end up having to complete the treatment all over again.

If patients have mild or moderate correction needed, at-home aligners may be the best choice for you. For those that have severe correction it may be best to go through your doctor. Working with our office ensures your smile will look great, and you get the results you desire.

Looking To Schedule Your Consultation?

If you are interested in learning more about how Invisalign treatment can benefit you, we encourage you to contact our office and schedule a consultation. Our team will take a look at your teeth and mouth, and talk about your smile goals.

We will provide you with a customized treatment plan, and work directly with you to get you that smile you have always wanted. Designing smiles is what we do, and we always make our patients a priority.

To schedule your consultation with us please contact our office, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!


Choosing the right orthodontic option to correct your teeth is an important decision. When your teeth do not require severe correction, patients may opt for treatments other than traditional braces such as Invisalign. At Stylish Smile in Irvine, CA we provide many orthodontic options to our patients, and help them choose the best option that meets their needs. Our team provides the benefits and details combined with a detailed exam to help patients make the best choice.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a great alternative to braces, and this system uses clear aligners. These aligners are worn for a specific period of time in a series to straighten crooked or uneven teeth. This is a discrete treatment making it a great choice for both adults and teens.

The clear aligners are worn for anywhere between 20-22 hours a day and can be conveniently removed for eating and drinking. Depending on the level of correction required, Invisalign treatment can take between 6-18 months. Many wonder if Invisalign can correct teeth faster compared to braces. In most cases the average time Invisalign trays are worn is right in line with traditional braces.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Compared to Braces?

If you suffer from bad tooth alignment or rotated teeth Invisalign may not be the right choice. Traditional braces have the ability to correct severe cases because they are securely affixed to the tooth and do not slip. Clear aligner trays have a hard time gripping teeth needing a severe correction.

On the other hand if your teeth do not require much correction, Invisalign may be a great option. The clear aligner trays blend in with your natural teeth. They are also easily removed for eating and cleaning. The aligner trays include a blue indicator to help patients know if they have worn the trays for the required time each day. The clear trays are also comfortable when worn in the mouth, and do not rub or irritate the gums like with traditional braces.

Invisalign gives patients the benefit of being able to eat all of their favorite foods because the trays can be removed, compared to traditional braces. Patients that do not want to deal with restrictions, and want the freedom to take the trays out when needed may find that Invisalign is a better fit.

What Choice is Best for Me?

Whether you choose traditional braces or Invisalign, our team will ensure your choice will provide you with that perfect straight smile. Our patients are our priority, and we will do whatever is needed to ensure our patients are happy with their smile. Having straight teeth is important, and we want our patients to be proud of their beautiful teeth after orthodontic treatment.

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Looking for an Invisalign provider near you?

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider near you, let Stylish Smile give you the smile you have always wanted! Dr. Bukai’s skilled team works with each patient to develop a customized orthodontic treatment plan giving patients many choices. We put our patients first, and go above and beyond to give our patients exceptional care.

To find out more about Invisalign, contact our dental office in Irvine, CA today and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Invisalign has been used for years as an alternative to traditional metal braces. It uses clear aligner trays that apply pressure to the teeth gently so that they are pushed into more uniform alignment. If your teeth are crooked, crowded or misaligned, Invisalign is a viable option for your smile. Here are six eating habits and tips to follow while undergoing treatment with Invisalign:

1. Avoid Wearing Invisalign When Eating

You should avoid eating while wearing your Invisalign trays. This can cause the trays to either crack or fall out, which can become a problem when it comes to receiving the treatment that is needed. It is best to get into the habit of removing your Invisalign right before you eat.

2. Always Replace Your Invisalign Trays

In order for Invisalign to work effectively, you should be wearing your aligners for about 22 hours each day. Because they need to be removed when eating, it’s important to replace them immediately upon finishing. This ensures that you’re wearing your Invisalign for the recommended amount of time. Keep them alongside you while you eat, either in a case or on a napkin. Be careful not to throw out your Invisalign trays.

3. Remember to Brush and Floss

You will find that you brush and floss more often when wearing Invisalign. After eating, it is important to brush your teeth to remove any plaque or food debris that could become lodged between the Invisalign trays themselves and your smile, which could contribute to tooth decay.

4. Avoid Overly Hard Foods

When your teeth are shifting into place, they may feel sore and tender. The best way to avoid worsening the problem is by choosing softer foods and avoiding overly hard foods like pretzels, chips, hard candies and hard breads.

5. Don't Chew Gum

You might assume that you can chew gum with your Invisalign in, but this simply isn’t the case. Gum can loosen and even crack your aligners, which would result in the need for an emergency orthodontic appointment. It’s best to avoid chewing gum during the course of treatment.

6. Create a Food/Eating Schedule

Because Invisalign has to be worn for the majority of the day and night and because it can’t be worn while eating, it’s a good idea to create a food and meal schedule that you can follow. This ensures that you’re still getting enough nutrition throughout the day, but that you’re incorporating it into your Invisalign treatment.

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Looking for an Invisalign Provider Near You?

If you are looking for a family friendly dentist to provide Invisalign in Irvine, CA , contact Dr Firas Bukai’s friendly team! At Stylish Smile, our goal is to provide exceptional service for all ages.  Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding clear aligner therapy, and we welcome all new patients to our dental clinic in Irvine, California!


Invisalign has been worn by both teens and adults alike as a way to keep their teeth looking great. If you need orthodontic treatment, there is nothing easier than having clear trays that do all of the work for you. Understanding how treatment works and what to expect can help when it concerns finding the option that is best for your own individual needs.

How Does Invisalign Work?

At Stylish Smile, we’ll provide you with information regarding this type of treatment. This treatment typically works by using clear plastic trays. These trays provide ample pressure to the teeth to move them into place. Dr. Firas Bukai’s team will go over all of the specifics that you need to know before undergoing treatment on your own. The process is very simple and can be beneficial for patients of all ages!

How Long Should I Wear Invisalign?

It is often recommended that Invisalign be worn for about 22 hours a day. You will need to take out the trays when eating, brushing and flossing. They should be replaced as soon as you finish any of these activities. You will probably need to undergo treatment for anywhere from a few months to about two years, depending on how severely crowded and misaligned your teeth currently are. Our goal is to provide you with quality care in an affordable and highly convenient manner for both you and the rest of your loved ones.

Keeping Up With Treatment

In order for treatment to go as planned, it’s crucial that you come in to see Dr. Bukai every few weeks. This allows us to identify how treatment is working and if new aligners need to be made for you to wear. As your teeth begin to shift into place, you’ll need different aligners that are molded to the current shape of your smile. These aligners are provided to you as a way to keep up with the treatment and get the best smile possible. You will love the comfort and ease of wearing Invisalign as a way to improve how you both look and feel thanks to this particular orthodontic treatment.

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Looking for Invisalign Near You?

Choosing the best option is important, and our team at Stylish Smile is here to help give you all of the options available to achieve that bright white smile. We welcome all patients, and strive to always provide quality service our patients can count on.

If you would like to learn more about how Invisalign works or are looking for clear aligner therapy in Irvine, CA, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Firas Bukai’s friendly team! We look forward to treating you.

Dental Ankylosis

The ankylosis of the tooth is defined as the bonding / fusion between a tooth and the alveolar bone. This means that the periodontal ligament is obliterated in one or more locations. There is contact between the cement of a tooth and the alveolar bone. Dental ankylosis is an alteration that is characterized by the fusion of a tooth with the alveolar bone that surrounds it, preventing its dental movement and its development. In this article we will explain everything about this alteration or pathology, how to detect and how to treat it correctly.

What is dental ankylosis?

The dentoalveolar ankylosis is a disturbance or eruption anomaly involving binding or fusion with bone cement or dental dentin. It originates an obliteration of the dental periodontal ligament and loss of continuity. This will also prevent the tooth from having mobility within its position. In some cases, a re-absorption of cement and dentin can be observed, which are replaced by bone tissue. This alteration can occur at the time of the tooth rash or when the tooth is already erupted.

What Is Dental Ankylosis

Dental ankylosis can affect vertical dental development and the development of alveolar bone. There is a higher prevalence of ankylosis in the milk or temporary dentition than in the permanent dentition. Ankylosis is more common in baby teeth, particularly in primary molars.

How is dental ankylosis diagnosed?

In an orthopantomography or periapical radiography, the loss or absence of periodontal ligament space can be observed. Dental roots can be seen more radiopaque and it will be difficult to differentiate the border with the alveolar bone that surrounds them. From the infra-occlusion observed, the severity of the ankylosed tooth can be classified. The term infra-occlusion is used to describe this situation. The amount of under-occlusion of an ankylosed tooth depends on the amount in which the ankylosis occurred.

What are the clinical implications?

  • When ankylosis originates early, it tends to have a greater impact on occlusion of temporary or milk teeth.
  • With the passage of time the infra-occlusion of the affected tooth may increase.
  • The longer the dental part in infra-occlusion, the more inclination and poor position the adjacent teeth may present.
  • The antagonistic tooth may be extruded over time.
  • The dental mal-position that can be caused by ankylosis can increase the risk of suffering from cavities, periodontitis or periodontal disease due to the difficulty in maintaining proper oral-dental hygiene.

Therefore, it is important that children and adults make periodic visit to the dental clinic.

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