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What’s a Sealant?

A sealant is a protective covering that is used to prevent cavities and staining on the backs of your teeth. Sealants start out as a liquid that is brushed onto the biting surfaces of your back teeth. The liquid is then hardened into place and can stay there for up to three years. They’re great for children, teens and even adults who are susceptible to decay.

Why would Sealants be necessary?

Sealants might be necessary for a few different reasons. If you already have a lot of fillings in your mouth or if you are prone to developing cavities, we might suggest sealants. Likewise, children who don’t have the best eating or brushing habits can definitely benefit from sealants. The procedure is easy and noninvasive, and it can be done in just minutes in our office.

What’s A Sealant

Who’s a candidate for Sealants?

The sealant procedure is ideal for most patients and can provide protection of your back teeth for one to three years. It’s clear, so no one will know that you even have sealants on your teeth. We can conduct an examination to decipher if sealants are right for you. We often recommend them to pediatric patients who don’t have the best brushing habits.

What can be expected when going for Sealants?

We start the sealant process by cleaning and drying the teeth. The liquid sealant is applied to the back teeth and carefully brushed into place. We then cure the sealant with a bright light that is specific to hardening these materials. The sealant will not move and cannot be washed away. It is there to stay to provide the protection that you need without having to worry that your back teeth have stains and cavities. We can apply the sealants again as needed if they begin to wear away. This is a great protective measure to take when it comes to preventing many dental problems.

If you’re ready to protect your teeth with sealants or have a child who would benefit from the procedure, call us today and we will help to answer your questions.

Who’s A Candidate For Sealants
What Can Be Expected When Going For Sealants
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