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Facial Cosmetic Injections

What are Facial Cosmetic Injections?

Facial Cosmetic Injections are injections that help to relax and paralyze certain muscles to help them function more appropriately. While many people think of facial cosmetic injections as cosmetic procedures only, they can and have been used in an array of dental procedures to help ease pain and discomfort for patients. In our office, we use facial cosmetic injections for TMJ issues and other problems that our patients are currently experiencing. The injections are safe, easy and they can be reapplied as needed every few months.

Why are Facial Cosmetic Injections needed?

The most common reason for using facial cosmetic injections in the dental field is to aid in helping TMJ problems. Facial Cosmetic Injections will help to relieve the pain and discomfort in the TMJ area, which can be beneficial for patients who are having problems opening and closing their jaw. Likewise, you may consider facial cosmetic injections if you have an ill-fitting denture. The injection helps to relax the jaw and mouth so that the denture fits easier and more securely

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Who’s a candidate for Facial Cosmetic Injections?

We will examine your mouth and jaw area to determine if you might benefit from facial cosmetic injections. Most patients who require facial cosmetic injections can safely come in to have the procedure done. The injections are minimal and have an incredibly high rate of success. What this means for you is that you can benefit from having these injections done. You may need to come in for injections every few months for these effects to become constant.

What can you expect with Facial Cosmetic Injections treatment?

You will first come into our office and have the treatment done that is needed. We can numb the area with a topical analgesic and then inject the facial cosmetic injections into the area. You may need several injections depending on what the medication is being used to treat. Most of our patients will find that the results are immediate and that they can benefit from what they have. You will then need to come back into the office after a few months for additional treatments.

If you are ready to come in and experience the benefits of Facial Cosmetic Injections, call our office today and we can get you in for a convenient appointment.

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