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Dentures & Partials

What are Partials and Complete Dentures?

A partial and complete denture are specifically made to enhance and perfect your smile. When you are missing a great deal of your teeth, you may find it difficult to chew and eat your favorite foods. Your face may look sunken-in, and you may look older than you actually are. Dentures are prosthetic appliances that both feel and look like real, natural teeth.

Why are Partials and Complete Dentures needed?

You might need a denture or partial if you’re missing a lot of your teeth. Partials are suited to patients with a good deal of missing teeth, but who still have a lot of healthy dentition. Full dentures are great for patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth or who need extractions done before a denture can be placed. Both prosthetic appliances are meant to enhance your smile and improve oral functioning.

What Are Partials And Complete Dentures

Who’s a candidate for Partials and Complete Dentures?

We will conduct a complete examination before any type of denture is made for you. It is not uncommon for patients to need multiple extractions before any prosthesis can be made. This is especially true if you have advanced gum disease and your current teeth are decayed or loose. Patients who need either a full or partial denture will find the prosthetic appliance to be advantageous to their everyday life and confidence.

What happens during the procedure for Partials and Complete Dentures?

We may begin by extracting some of your teeth, especially if they are loose and decayed. Next, impressions are professionally taken and used to create a new prosthesis. We schedule you to come back into the office for a fitting. We will often need to make adjustments to the plate to get it to fit comfortably. It is important that you remove your denture each night to clean it fully. It will need to be replaced in about seven years as it shows signs of wear.

If you need a partial or complete denture, call us today and we will be able to help you further in providing you with more information.

Who’s A Candidate For Partials And Complete Dentures
What Happens During The Procedure For Partials
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