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Inlays and Onlays

What’s an Onlay or Inlay?

An inlay or onlay is a restorative option that can be thought of as smaller than a dental crown but more durable than a filling. They’re ideal for areas that either have deep decay or large fillings or teeth that have cracked or broken only at the very top of the tooth’s crown. Rather than compromising the tooth to place a full crown, we can place either an inlay or an onlay instead.

Why is an Onlay or Inlay needed?

An inlay sits inside of the cusps of a tooth whereas an onlay sits on the very top of the tooth’s crown. You might need either of these restorations if you have deep decay, a large filling that needs replacement or if the tooth’s broken, cracked or chipped only slightly. The restoration helps to replace what’s missing and create a more natural-looking tooth.

What’s An Onlay Or Inlay

Who’s a candidate for an Onlay or Inlay?

Both of these restorations can last for years, similarly to a crown or bridge. They are matched specifically to the rest of your teeth so that they look as natural as possible. They are comfortable, durable and can be incredibly beneficial to the health and functionality of the tooth. We will conduct a full examination to determine if you’d either need an inlay or an onlay.

What happens during the Onlay or Inlay procedure?

We start by removing any decay or old filling material from the tooth. Once removed, impressions are taken so that we can create a new inlay or onlay for the tooth. If a break or crack has occurred, we might smooth the tooth before impressions are taken. You’ll come back in for a second appointment to have the restoration placed. Slight adjustments are made to improve the feel and fit of the inlay or onlay. You can expect your new restoration to last for many years without showing signs of wear.

If you think you might need an onlay or an inlay, call our office today and we can help in providing the treatment that you’ll need.

What Happens During The Onlay Or Inlay Procedure
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