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What is Invisalign?

Correcting orthodontic problems can be easier than you might think thanks to the Invisalign system. Invisalign has long been used to help correct crowded, crooked and severely misaligned teeth. The system works by using clear aligners that apply a gentle pressure to the teeth. This pressure shifts the teeth into place and corrects issues revolving around your smile. To learn more you can click here.

Why is Invisalign needed?

Invisalign might be needed if you have crooked, crowded and spaced teeth or if you have an over or under bite. This treatment is ideal for teens and adults who can commit to wearing their aligner trays for roughly 22 hours a day. The system can work in as little as six months, but most patients will be wearing their Invisalign for about one to two years. The aligners themselves are fully clear so that no one will know you’re even wearing braces.

Who’s a candidate for Invisalign?

Because the aligners can be easily removed, Invisalign might not be suitable for smaller children and young teens. These young individuals may remove the aligners and not replace them as needed, prolonging and halting their treatment. Invisalign is most suited for older teens and adults who need orthodontic care but don’t want traditional metal braces.

What occurs during Invisalign treatment?

First, we will take impressions of your mouth and teeth that are used to create your first set of aligners. With a carefully detailed treatment plan, you will have several aligners throughout the course of your orthodontic care. You will need to wear these aligners for most of the day and night, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth. You will then come into the office after a few weeks to have new aligners made for you. Treatment continues until all of your teeth have shifted perfectly into place and you can feel confident in the look of your smile.

If you think you might need Invisalign and want to learn more about treatment, call our office today and we can begin the process of evaluating your smile.

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