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Tooth Extraction

What’s a Tooth Extraction?

While we do everything in our power to save teeth from being extracted, there may come a time when removing a tooth is the only way to improve or maintain your oral health. Some extractions are unavoidable, like wisdom teeth or a baby tooth that’s not coming out on its own. Other extractions are necessary because a tooth has become severely decayed or is loose because of gum disease. Regardless of why the tooth needs extraction, we do everything we can to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our patients.

Why’s a Tooth Extraction needed?

With the help of a complete examination and set of x-rays, we’ll determine if a tooth is better off being extracted. Extractions are suitable for patients of all ages and can help in maintaining a clean and healthy mouth. Some reasons you may need an extraction include:

What’s A Tooth Extraction 2
Why’s A Tooth Extraction Needed

Who’s a candidate for Tooth Extractions?

We conduct a thorough exam to determine if an extraction is the right choice for you. For most of our patients, an extraction is necessary in helping to maintain and obtain a stronger and healthier smile. A tooth that is severely painful or infected can benefit the patient when it’s removed completely. Extractions are simple surgical procedures that are done right in our office.

What happens during a normal Tooth Extraction?

We provide our patients with either local anesthesia or general sedation as needed. We then work quickly to remove the tooth from the mouth. We may need to place sutures, but this isn’t always necessary with every extraction. We will have you bite down on a clean piece of gauze and leave our office. The extraction site should begin to heal in just a few days and you’ll benefit from the pain relief that this provides you once the source of the problem has been removed.

If you need a tooth to be extracted, call our office and we can schedule you to come in for a complete examination.

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What Happens During A Normal Tooth Extraction
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